Classic Albums Live - Led Zeppelin 1 - 50th Anniversary

Friday, February 1, 2019 8:00PM
Copeland Hall

Classic Albums Live - Led Zeppelin 1 - 50th Anniversary
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Led Zep 1 introduced the world to rock music the sound of this album changes peoples lives guitar sales soared because once people heard the opening chords of ‘good times bad times” they were inspired.

This album has everything - rock / blues / country and dazed and confused - which is the closest any 4 piece band will ever come to sounding like an orchestra during the 70s - led zeppelin sold more albums than any other band and with zep 1 we see the foundation of that legacy.

Classic albums live knows how to perform this album no other band comes close to reciting this album note for note - cut for cut after a decade of shows there we feel connected to the audience they come expecting perfection and we deliver it.

Craig Martin
Founder and Creative Director
Classic Albums Live

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